When you sell your home it should be a smooth and rewarding experience. We believe that a happy client is one who has been well briefed in the selling process and who is very well prepared before actually listing their property on the market. This includes working on your house and garden so that they show in the best condition possible, as well as making sure that the home you want to buy is available in your price range and in your preferred area. We can work with you to make the preparation and sale stress free and successful. Here's a brief guide to the full service we provide our clients. 

Leave enough time. It can take days, weeks or longer to sell any property, no matter how good it is, depending on the buyers and the present market. If you have not already found a property to buy you will need a longer time before the moving date. Most buyers will need about 60 days before the actual moving date, but this can vary enormously. To make the actual move easier, try to allow at least a week between closing on the new home and closing on your old home.

Know your value. I will provide a detailed current market analysis on the value of your home, based on recent comparable sales. I do not give you an inflated value in order to win your listing. I believe that a property listed close to the accurate market value will sell quickly for the greatest amount of money.

Know your budget. If you are upsizing, talk with your bank or a good mortgage broker to get pre-approval for a mortgage, preferable in writing. This can usually be locked in for 120 days, which is good if rates are expected to rise. Decide how much you would be comfortable spending on your new home. Remember to allow for closing costs - fees, land transfer tax, moving costs etc. We can give you a list itemizing these costs. Arrange for bridge financing - or line of credit if downsizing - to cover dissimilar closing dates.

Prepare your property well. First impressions are the most lasting impressions. Make sure your curb appeal is perfect. I will work closely with you to have your house showing at its absolute best, looking as spacious, light and attractive as possible. I can bring in a well-qualified stager to add the final touches to give it that 'wow' effect. This is essential to gain your maximum selling price.

 Be aware of the process.  will discuss with you all the documents you need to sign during the selling process, and give you copies, so you have time to read them and have a clear understanding ahead of actually signing anything.

Communication. I believe very strongly in open and easily accessible communication, so we can be reached by mobile phone, text or email. I will respond as soon as possible. Please understand that I do not answer our phones when I am with clients. I also provide a weekly written report of activity, including showing feedback, changes in the local comparable market and marketing planned for the following week. 

Marketing. My advertising would be focused on emphasizing the unique and most attractive features of your property, to appeal to buyers who are searching for a home like yours. I will provide professional photos, full descriptive text and a virtual tour to all the available internet sites, complimented by paging to Oakville Re/Max agents, Just Listed calls and controlled open houses. 

I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your next move. It will be my pleasure to take care of you as you deserve-with the best service for a successful home-selling experience.

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